Dr. Bettin gives an example of how sex and relationship problems can become intertwined to create a distressing cycle that affects both the physical and emotional aspects of a relationship.


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Sex Therapy for Couples & Individuals

Sex is a subject that many of us feel uncomfortable discussing, but the desire for a healthy sex life, and a healthy sense of our sexual selves is something we all have in common. When a sexual issue repeatedly stands between you and happiness, talking about your problem with a sex therapist can help get to the root of the issue.

As a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist in Richmond, Dr. Bettin specializes in

sexual and relationship counseling for men, women, and couples of all sexual orientations and lifestyles. With non-judgmentalism and an open mind, Dr Bettin is able to hear each person’s unique sexual story. Her careful attention to the sensitive nature of sexual topics helps put her clients at ease; her skill and competency with sexual issues helps her collaborate with her clients to find meaningful solutions that resonate with their values. Sometimes, only a few short sessions are needed before these types of issues are resolved, while in other cases, the situation requires more time together. With compassion and understanding,

Dr. Bettin can help those who are sexually troubled have some of their most intimate conversations leading to sexual health, love and intimacy.