Enjoy Being You

Sexual and relationship difficulties are seldom easy to talk about, yet they can really take a toll on your sense of self-worth and your happiness. Imagine feeling more confident, relaxed and playful with intimacy; or more comfortable and easy with your ability to connect with others. Often, opening up to a trained professional in a safe, accepting environment can be an important step towards achieving the intimacy and connection you’ve been missing.

As a licensed psychologist and one of the only AASECT-certified sex therapists in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Katherine Bettin specializes in sexual and relationship issues for individuals and couples of all sexual orientations and lifestyles. Her conversation-based therapy has helped countless clients achieve lasting happiness in their personal lives.

This website is a place for you to learn more about relationship and sex therapy. Read about the experiences of Dr. Bettin’s past and present clients, or schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Bettin by calling (804) 819-9191.