By listening closely to you and/or your partner and by encouraging you to really hear and understand each other, Dr. Bettin helps uncover and explore underlying sex and relationship issues.


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Relationship Therapy
for Couples & Individuals

A relationship can be the source of our greatest joy and our deepest pain. Often, we enter into a relationship with excitement and a desire to understand one another. However, the dynamics of a relationship can change over time, leaving couples and individuals feeling distant, angry, hurt, lonely, or passionless.

You may reach a point when you’re not sure anything can be done to salvage your relationship. You feel tired and defeated, wondering if you’re even in love anymore ... wondering if you possess what it takes to have a good relationship. For many couples, relationship therapy can help you work through these issues to rediscover what brought you together. For individuals, relationship therapy can help you learn how to connect.

Dr. Bettin helps couples and individuals strengthen their abilities to negotiate

compassionately and teaches the skills, understanding, and insight we all need in order to have healthy, happy, and intimate relationships

For both individuals and couples, relationship therapy can help answer the nagging questions that follow a string of dissatisfying relationships or a prolonged period of loneliness. By discussing trust issues, instances of infidelity, and relationship fears, as well

as any underlying stress brought about by recent life changes, Dr. Bettin will help you work through the problems that impact your relationships, always focusing on how to change for the better.