Confidentiality and privacy are built into any therapist’s code, but there are certain bonds of security and trust that Dr. Bettin works hard to establish with each of her clients. Here, she describes how you’ll work as a team to create a comfortable environment.

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Dance Therapy :)

Full disclosure… this blog is about a personal dance experience which has been designed by MaiTy Dance (, which is owned by my son, Tommy and his new wife, Mairi. I’m not a blogger as you can tell by my very limited blogging on my website, but being in the business of intimacy and relationships, it felt important for me to share:)

There are things in our lives that we just know we need and want as humans… touch, attention, connection, acceptance, and love. Dancing has been a pathway for me to get more of this with my husband, Jack…. and on a weekly basis!! We started our couples dance lessons a number of months ago, and we are so happy to have found this healthy, loving, fun activity to share.  Since I’ve never been good at sports, we’ve really not been able to share tennis or golf or any other eye-hand coordination sport involving a ball:/ Taking dance lessons with Jack has been the first time we’ve been on the same playing field, and it feels so good!

It’s also the first time where there have been identified roles assigned for us. I know… crazy! Coming up in the early 70’s I was taught that there shouldn’t be assigned relationship roles. Well guess what… in dance there are absolutely assigned roles. Jack is the leader and I am to follow. That can be really hard for me, but truthfully it feels good not to wrestle with who should take on what role. With Jack as the identified leader, I can use all of my focus and energy to try to read his signals and his body and pay attention to my body so I can follow. When he leads and I follow we both feel so successful, because we’re dancing together as a team:) And at the end of the day, it’s really about communicating together physically.

Then of course there’s the touching, and the flirting, and the laughing… all while being encouraged and coached by Tommy and Mairi. We include little kisses and hugs and high-5’s throughout. We trust our teachers, Tommy and Mairi, and look to them for guidance. That’s new for us too. Typically we’ve been the ones in the position of teaching and facilitating. It feels wonderful to lean on someone else for that.

Something I constantly tell my couples is that they need to get out of their heads and into their bodies. Dance helps me to learn more about how my body can feel when I stop thinking so much. I can feel sexier, more beautiful, active, rhythmical and relaxed… all while having intimate fun with Jack. That we’re doing this together is amazing to me. It’s another way to enjoy life and love each other. What could be better?

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