Often, people suffering from sex and relationship problems simply aren’t aware of talk therapy’s many benefits. By acknowledging your need for professional help, you’re well on your way to a healthy connected life.

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It’s ok to feel nervous or unsure about sex or relationship therapy. Call Dr. Bettin directly on her confidential line 804.819.9191 to have any of your questions answered.



American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors, and Therapists – www.aasect.org
International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health- www.isswsh.org
Kinsey Institute Sexual Health Information- kinseyconfidential.org
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- www.cdc.gov
Society for Sex Therapy and Research- www.sstarnet.org
American Physical Therapy Association- www.womenshealthapta.org (to find pelvic floor specialist)


Websites - Education and Products

Dodsonandross.com- feminist sexual advocacy and information from the queen of orgasm
Drnorthrup.com- women’s health and inspiration
Goodcleanlove.com- organic lubes, oils, and lots of great support for the power of love
Goofyfootpress.com- light-hearted but accurate information on everything sexual
Healthysex.com- including info on healing from sexual abuse and porn compulsion
Maitydance.com- intimacy and connection through dance- please see Blog for full description:)
Malesurvivor.org- for males survivors of sexual abuse
Reclaimyoursexuality.com- by Dr. Madeline Castellanos
Sexed.org- has a political twist
Sexuality.about.com- disability info included
Sexualityresources.com- women-owned boutique and education center
Sexsmartfilms.com- films for educational purposes- some free
Straightguise.com- differences between sexual identity, behavior and fantasy